Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I was walking by the turtle pond at school and saw that there were all these beautiful flowers! The turtle pond here is actually a pond with multiple tiers. The first tier is more shaded and has tons of flowers like the ones pictured above in it. The next tier is all waterlilies and I have seen some koi in there too, and the lowest tier has all the cute turtles in it. Well....I had never noticed these big, pink flowers before so I did a search on them. These are LOTUS flowers! I had never known what lotus flowers looked like, and I remember reading about them in Greek mythology back in like 8th grade. I LOVE these flowers! Each one looks so solitary, like its fighting to make its way up out of the leaves and water, but when you look closer at them, they look so elegant and delicate. They are symbols of spiritual growth and divine beauty in Asian and Indian cultures.
They look so peaceful...I could spend a whole day outside by the bond reading a book and just taking a break from it all. I think that one day, I will have a pond in my garden, and it must have these gorgeous flowers in it!!

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