Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I know that I really should focus on my current project...the bliss blanket, especially as it has been going slow, but I can't help myself (especially when I see people like Lisa who are doing all kinds of different projects!) And I know I have a deadline for this one, but doing square after square is getting a bit monotonous.
So....I ordered some new books today. The first one is called Kyuuto! The title is a spinoff of "cute" and "Kyoto", the beautiful Japanese city. This book has alot of patterns for everyday things that you can make and use. really practical. and they are pretty stylish with a bit of Asian flair, which I really like. I am hoping that I can find a somewhat beginner type of project, make a prototype, and then host a crochet party for some of the girls here in the dept. (all they would need to bring is their hook and a ball of yarn!) Since its an easier project, the new girls won't be working on something totally out-of-reach and utterly frustrating, and the advances girls can pick it up easy and help out the newbies. I think that would be alot of fun! And, maybe I can get other people hooked (haha) on my new hobbie! Plus, the projects in this are small, so they it would not be too daunting and are a fun little distraction for here and there when I need one.
The next one is called Uncommon Crochet. This book also has some really great, fashionable patterns (at least from what I saw in the excerpts) but you play with alot of natural fibers and different textures, so this one also looked pretty fun.
The next one I am really excited about. Its an afghan book. Some of the blankets in here just looked amazing, its one of those ones where I am hoping to find lots of inspiration for when it comes time to make those really special gifts. Of course, they are blankets so they will be time consuming projects, but I know they will be totally worth it.
I got them off of Amazon, because they were so stinking cheap. Ideally, I would have gone to barnes and noble or joann's (does anyone know of another place to get craft books for cheap?) so that I could see everything that was inside, but I like how amazon has the "see inside" option so you have some idea of what you're getting. Even with the shipping, I still beat the retail price. yay!
can't wait until they get in!
Progress update: Work on the blanket has been SLOW. Chemistry has made me have to kick things into high gear on the lab front, so I have been staying late and not getting to work on my blanket as much. *tear* BUT, I have committed to myself to get home early tonight, MAKE dinner for once (geez), go for a run, and snuggle with my Tesie-cat while I work on a square or two.
Have a great day!

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