Thursday, April 1, 2010

Myla's Quilt

It's done. The quilt for my future-niece. Whew. I don't know why this took me so long, because nothing about this was hard to do. Well nothing except resigning myself to the fact that with 160 little squares, I am not going to have perfect seams and some are going to be a little bit off and that's the beauty and love of homemade, handmade treasures. I showed a sneak peek of the quilt top a while ago, then it was time for making the quilt sandwich and doing the quilting, which was done by machine. I pinned the three layers, every other square, to keep everything together, taut and in order. Baby was very helpful throughout the entire process, like playing with strings, attacking my foot when I pressed down on the sewing machine pedal, jumping up onto my workspace to make sure I was doing everything correctly, chewing on quilt pins and especially testing out quilt softness and snuggleness. He was my quality control.

It's my little helper! (being a good helper)

Here is the "finished" quilt, complete with binding. The binding is a sweet pink gingham. Oh man, I hand-sewed the binding to it and could not wait to get it finished. Those (like Lisa) who do hand-quilting are very loving and brave souls. My fingers, even though I had a thimble, were definitely feeling it. Even more so, was my patience. The thing is, the fabrics for this quilt are not pre-washed, because you want them to shrink and get all crinkly when it's done. This also covers up all those little imperfections I was being so picky over. All I wanted to do was throw this baby in the washer and hot dryer to observe the magic. So you can imagine how I was was feeling as I was stitching on that binding, one stitch at a time, by hand. BUT, when I did finally finish and it came time to put it in the wash, boy was that the moment of truth. All I had running in my head was, "are you sure you want to put this in there? Are you positive it's not going to fall apart, and that you did everything right?" I know, it's ridiculous. It was definitely a trust-your-skills moment. But I am so glad I did. Because what came out was absolutely lovely, and I was all smiles over it.

The pattern called for a muslin backing, but I opted for some snuggle flannel. I figured it would be a little bit warmer for those chilly Oklahoma winter nights. It's white with baby blue flowers.

This was taken kind of late in the afternoon's fading light, with flash.

The truly finished quilt! The bluebonnets here are blooming like crazy. I don't know how I have lived here almost five years and haven't had any pictures of the blue bonnets until now. I love them. Every time I drive on the freeway, or are going somewhere with Ryan and see a patch of them I go, "Oh, look at the blue bonnets!" every. time. I think he thinks I must be crazy, and may very well be tired of looking at them himself. But I don't care. They make me happy. All flowers do really. It is just breathtaking when you see whole fields and embankments covered in them.

picnic style among the bluebonnets. . . lightly laid it on top since i I didn't want to smoosh them.

The quilt wasn't finished-finished until I made her name patch with birthdate, since this is her baby quilt after all! I made her name in pretty rose pink floss, following a trace of her name onto cream-colored cotton. I used a pretty Word font to write her name. Then I made an oval (or as best I could) and bordered it with light blue, light coral and finally chocolate floss in a running stitch, and appliqued the patch using the pin-turning method.

Myla Denise
12. 5. 2009

Momma bird loves Baby bird

There was a little hole, where one of the seams came apart. So I made a little patch to cover it up. I think it's really cute. One of the prints, Alexander Henry, that I used in the quilt has the little birds in it, so I traced their outline onto the cream fabric and embroidered them with various colors and stitches to decorate them. This way, they still "match" the blanket.
Even thought there are so many cute and pretty fabrics in this project, I think my favorite print in the whole thing is that sweetly dainty white one with the pink flowers in it, just to the above right of the bird patch. I really wish I had gotten more of it. I want to say it's "le Fleur Prairie House" or something like that. But when I first saw it, I remember having distinct images of Laura Ingalls and her sisters running through the prairie grass on their many adventures. Those were easily some of my most favorite books growing up.

The quilt is in the mail and on it's way to be delivered to Jenny tomorrow. I am so proud of this one!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

What a dear, sweet quilt clear down to the flannel back and the tag. I have a feeling this quilt is going to receive a lot of loving!

Vanessa Monet said...

Thank you so much Anne!!

Chanelle said...

This is just toooo much cute to handle. are now deemed a pro!!

Vanessa Monet said...

hehe, I wish. There is still so much I have to learn. =)

Coco said...

So cute!!! I want to learn how to quilt! I cant sew yet but Im going to learn gosh dangit! Oh, and I've got the sit by the fire, sip hot choc, watching Anne of Green Gables Marathon gene too :)

Vanessa Monet said...


you totally can! I've taught myself to sew and quilt over the past 1.5yr from tutorials and things I have found on the web, though I am sure I will eventually take a class when I have time.
This was my first machine quilt, and my very first quilt was a tie quilt, so I am very much still a newbie! The pattern I used for this was great, Alicia is so thorough in her explanations, and it was a lot of fun to do too. I highly recommend it for a beginner, especially baby sized. I think if I had tried to make a big one for myself, I would have gotten overwhelmed, just because there would have been so many little squares.

I'd say that gene is a very good one to have. =)

Alicia P. said...

It's so beautiful -- what a wonderful job you did!

Vanessa Monet said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I saw this in Alicia's Flickr stream and just wanted to tell you this was so lovely. You did a great job. I love the colors and even your fix patch of the two little birds looks like it was intended. There's such a feeling of accomplishment when you finish a quilt, yeah?

Vanessa Monet said...

Thanks!! Oh yes, that sense of accomplishment is pretty amazing. And this was just a baby quilt! I'm hooked though, and I can't wait until my schedule allows me more time for projects. =)

I am so glad you stopped by!