Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm in Love

Last week, I discovered Anthropologie. Not discovered as heard of it for the first time, but went into the store, got to touch, see smell everything and be in total girly-fun wonder kind of discovered. I was meeting Ryan, his friend and friend's wife at Book People, had gotten there early and saw that Anthro was also in the same shopping mall. Now, I love me some books, but I love me girly things even more, and I really wanted to check it out. I am pretty sure I gasped as soon as I walked in. everything there is so feminine and just . . . pretty. it's like a huge art project of clothes, home decor and well, everything! I saw a chandelier made of seashells, which if I had a lot of money (because that's how much it cost), would have bought for my beach-babe sister and her surfer beau. it was SO Ash. so Ash. But some other things that really caught my eye....

This dress was right at the front door when you walked in. Nothing says cool in the summer like crisp white and blue.


I know I could make something like this....

And I think that was perhaps one of my most favorite things about the store. Other than being a place to splurge and treat myself to pretty things, it's a great place for inspiration. I just loved walking around and finding things that caught my eye and dissecting how it was made. It's really not hard (I can handle that), just impeccably done (where I need practice). Like said top above.

I bet this silk dress is heavenly to wear in the summer. It felt so light to the touch

As did this skirt....

What about this capelet?

I think its feminine and smart

ok, yet another example of something that, with a good amount of time, could totally be made!

so dainty

love that pop of color....something else that could be handmade!

Emma, one of my buddies here, also loves this place and we have decided that we will make a girls date to go back. She hasn't been to the one in Austin yet. And I would love to get this.

I've been on a lavender kick, and I am certain I won't get over it. I have a couple perfumes that are just about gone and I have my eye on this one!

Their housewares section was just as fun.

This is just a color gradient of cotton ruffles. viola! Expensive shower curtain! genius.

poppy drawer knob? yes please. I would be fine not making this one. But it is so cute. I am already dreaming about a little studio/craft room so artfully decorated. . . complete with poppy drawer knobs.

And pretty door knobs too.

I would get fat making food just so I could eat them off these plates. And I'd have lots of dinner parties. more poppies. =)

embroidered dishtowels. how cute is that? I am working on some simple ones right now (the going is very slow) and this example, while very cute, is not nearly as ornate as some of the others they had. Anyhow, my eyes were opened yet again!

So, that was my lovely adventure at Anthropologie. And I didn't even get to the bedroom section. But I did see a quilt that was made of jersey. huh? yeah. It was so gooshy and felt amazing. Kind of heavy, but somehow light at the same time. I'm sure I'll embark on such an endeavor sometime in the future. Now I know what everyone has meant when they talk about Anthro, and I am all over that boat.

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