Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Want to see something AMAZING?

Head over to Lisa's blog The Blue Dress. now.

It's stunning. I can't get it out of my head. It never occurred to me that a quilt didn't have to be a bunch of squares sewn together. The possibilities are endless!

She's one of my heroes. For reals, I got in touch with my crafty side after feeling so inspired from stumbling upon her blog one day.

thanks Lisa.


Lisa said...

Oh, I think I'm gonna cry! You do beautiful work, I'm glad I helped you get in touch with your crafty side because you are a very talented lady!

Vanessa Monet said...

I'm glad you did too! I can't imagine not sewing, crocheting,knitting and the other things I want to do but haven't had time for learning yet. My sisters are also learning how to crochet and sew now as well. Thank you!

オテモヤン said...
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