Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Death by Chocolate

I love chocolate. Who doesn't? One day over the break, everyone was over at my parent's house hanging out, preparing and waiting for dinner when my brother casually mentioned he was craving something sweet. So, I thought I would find a quick recipe for a yummy sweet treat. I needed something relatively fast and easy, and I wanted some chocolate, so a chocolate trifle sounded just right. Wow, the first time I made it, it disappeared! By the time it was done (everyone was so anxious for it, we didn't even let it set in the fridge), there were some who had drifted off to sleep and they didn't even get any. Hah! That's how it is in our family. When I said would make it again for the New Year's crowd, everyone was so excited. Really, this thing is that good.

Doesn't it look so pretty in Tante Bay's crystal bowl? I am sure there is a fancy name for it, but I don't know what it is. Actually, it's also a cake stand and cover! I didn't make nearly as much as this the first time, this is double the original batch. We had more people over, but it still did not make it through the next day!


Want to know how to make it too?

Death by Chocolate (these amounts are for the big batch)

What you need:
2 packages instant chocolate Jell-o pudding
3 packages Dream Whip
2 boxes German chocolate cake mix
2 cups really strong coffee or espresso
2 lg. containers cool whip (I like really thick layers of cool whip! but you will still have some left over)
1 bag crumbled Heath chocolate toffee bars (as found in baking section)

What to do:
Bake cake as per box instructions. Let it cool.
Prepare pudding as per instructions, but also add the packages of Dream Whip and appropriate amount of milk. This makes the chocolate layers not as heavy and dense as pudding, but more mousse-like. You can opt to leave out the Dream Whip too, and I am sure it will taste just as heavenly.

When pudding/mousse is set and the cake is cooled begin making the layers in your trifle dish as such:
1) crumble the cake to completely cover the bottom of the dish.
2) distribute 1 c. coffee over the cake, thus soaking it.
3) spread a layer of the pudding/ mousse next.
4) next comes the cool whip layer.
5) sprinkle the Heath bar crumbles over the cool whip layer.

Let it set in the fridge for about an hour or so. Serve cold in pretty glasses and ENJOY!

The first batch

Due to the pressure of yummy-chocolate-dessert-craving family members surrounding me, I barely had time take these photos! What's really cool is you can add layers, and other toppings. The first one I made had strawberries too. I will be making this again for sure.

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