Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sigh - Ah Summer, you are finally leaving us. I can feel the coming of Fall in the early grey light of the morning and the initial feeling of a little "crispness" in the air. I really felt it yesterday morning. And this morning it was raining. But that's ok because we really need the rain, and I was finally able to get a hot tea latte without feeling silly about drinking a hot drink in hot weather. (After four years of waiting, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf just opened up here in Austin and I LOVE their tea lattes.) Even though the clouds have since broken up and the sun is shining, that element of blazing Texas heat is severely lacking compared to recent weeks. I guess it's a welcome change.
But a part of me is still kind of sad. Summer is my favorite season. Summertime nostalgia: lots of beach trips, camping trips at Jalama, swimming at Tante San's house, mom taking all us kids to Toys 'R Us on the really hot days since we had no AC, playing at the Pacheco's house which consisted ofeating their Otter pops, catching the chickens, Nintendo and endless games of hide & seek. More camping trips at Rock Creek, Convict Lake and June Lake, no school, playing school (we were funny kids), trips to the park, running around bare foot, getting to watch all of the afternoon cartoons, bike rides around the neighborhood, horseback riding, exploring in the orange groves with subsequent orange fights, catching lizards, building forts, etc.

Instant flashback:

swimming lessons with: Adam and Kaci Pacheco (old neighbors), me, Willem (cousin) and my brother, Ben.

The good old days of being a kid.

And.... it's this lady's birthday today. She's so awesome and I love her tons!

Happy Birthday Tante San!!!

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Chanelle said...

haha ben reminds me of skeletor or e.t.
good ol' days with the pachecos