Saturday, July 18, 2009

S Cubed

I mentioned earlier about the secret package I was mailing off...well it finally got home to my mom! It was something I made for her. Viola!

The Sea, Sand and Sky Blanket

A while ago, Lisa brought up Joelle's Granny Square Blanket over at the Purl Bee and told me she thought I should get hookin' on such a project. I thought it would be a cool thing to make, but I was busy at the time so just made a note of it. Then one day just before Mother's Day, I was standing by the yarn in Joann's and I decided to do it for my mom. They had a nice selection of blues and whites, which I knew I wanted. My mom is Dutch-Indonesian so she loves the blue and white together, like Delpht blue. She also loves yellow (such a happy color) and I thought all the colors would go really well together.

closeup of some colors

When it came to actually deciding what colors to use, I turned to some of the fondest memories I have..... going to the beach. I have already talked about Jalama and how camping there is a family tradition. But there were other beach trips that I will never forget. In the summer, we would clean up the house on Monday, and on Tueday Mom would pack us five kids, plus the cousins into our Previa, drive down windy highway 74 while listening to Odyssey tapes and oldies music where we ended up a hour later to spend the whole day at the beach in Dana Point (Salt Creek by the Ritz Carlton). We would play endlessly in the waves, build sand castles and all nine of us would gang up together to build a wall to challenge the incoming tide. We would pile and pack, pile and pack while the little girls built a moat to buffer the onslaught of the coming whitewater. Then we would sit back with our little debbie rolls and capri sun drinks cheering when our wall triumphed and "awwww"ing when it finally succumbed. (Writing this now, I can only imagine what mom was thinking watching us kids hurriedly scrambling with our sand while Ben and I barked commands at the younger ones.) We would usually leave between three and four to get home just in time to shower and wash up for Bible study at our house that night. We did this every week in the summers.

This blanket is a thank you to my mom for all those great days of staring at the white clouds billowing overhead in the blue sky, sand trickling through my toes and fingers, bright rays of yellow sunshine peeping through the clouds to burn off the morning gloom, falling asleep on the warm beach to the sound of crashing waves and flying gulls, a vibrant sky meeting an endless sea, foamy waves tickling the beach, white caps cresting from the breeze coming off the deep blue ocean, watching dolphins and surfers playing in the breakers, a blazing sun sinking into the dark water, and all the contentment that comes with getting to do this with your brother, sisters and cousins. Those were the best times!

It is a personal blanket, about 65" x 65". Looking back now I realize that I should have put down my backpack next to it for a size comparison. It will be the perfect blanket for her when she is sitting down next to her fireplace, with a full pot of tea and a Christmas movie on. I have never known anyone who loves Christmas movies as much as my mom. It should be better than having one of my sisters go grab one of the extra big blankets out of the closet, this will cover her perfectly and it's snuggly soft. (I showed it to Ryan when I was finished, put it on him and he said, "Missy, you better get that off me before I lose the ability to move!" Yes, it feels that good)

I know it's two months late, but Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you


Chanelle said...

o0o Beach Tuesdays of our childhood. Some of thee best memories of the days!

really awesome job on the blanket, Sasha. So cute ;)

Lisa said...

YOU MADE ONE!!! Awesome! Love the blue and yellow :)