Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A light bulb with that bright "ding" sound

Mason jars. I love candles. And I love simple.

Isn't this so rustic and romantic?
I saw this over at 100 Layer Cake

When I get married, it's going to be simple, not flashy, and intimate, with only family and super close friends there. I do know that I want to get married in California. Furthermore, being one of four girls and a poor grad student, said event will need to be pocketbook friendly. I really don't see the point in spending a whole lot on a wedding. Being from Oklahoma, I think Ryan would like the country vibe from these. But not country country, more down-to-earth.
This is just me, but I would rather put that money towards our life together (like a house or some other investment). Anywho, I love this idea of using (lots of) mason jars for decorating. You could probably fashion some pretty cool lanterns by using copper wire wrapped around the lip of the jar to make a handle, and then hang them from trees with pretty ribbon or tulle cut into think long, ribbon-like strips. Hmmm, I wonder if it would be strong enough to hold that. I like the delicate, glisteny look of tulle. I have already saved a few jars, and I think I am going to try to make the hanging type of lantern. Just to give it a test. I'm sure there are a bunch of tutorials on making lanterns out there...but it can't be that hard!

Other pretty jars:

From a wedding over at Mint

Actual hanging lanterns found on Say for me love

I'm in love. Mom, perhaps you and the girls should start saving up jars!


Anonymous said...

I also love Mason jars! That first picture is amazing! Looks like I need to start collecting. That could be cool for any party, really.

Glad you are now following me...you've been on my reader for a while. :)

urban craft said...

I love this idea. I too need to start collecting jars. Perfect to light a warm summer evening outside. Thanks!

kiss my spatula said...

ohhh..how i love jars! those are simply adorable and lovable.