Thursday, April 23, 2009


Miraculously, Samson and Tesia are getting along just fine. They aren't buddy-buddy yet, but they aren't at each other's throats either. They are starting to play with each other. . . Tesia will just start to randomly run around the apartment, I think because she wants him to chase her (you know, classic schoolyard game - boys chase girls =P) She could use the running around, compared to him, she's a little pudg-o (don't tell her I said that). But, I LOVE my new cat, he is so awesome. I did another measurement....ground to top of shoulder ( I guess the same way you measure horses). He is a little over thirteen inches. Tesia is nine and a half. wowzers.
He is still following me around everywhere, and runs into the kitchen whenever I open up the fridge. Tesia usually comes whenever I use the can opener (she thinks I am making her tuna). But I think he just likes seeing whats in the magic cold box.
The sounds he makes are so funny. He has this meow that sounds like a little baby kitty. . . coming from this lion of a cat. he also makes little cooing noises.
Last night when I was in bed, he was sleeping up against me and then my next door neighbor's door closed, quite loudly. He woke up and looked around to see what that was and then went to the end of my bed by my feet and was sitting/ keeping watch for a while. He stayed down there the rest of the night, and then when I woke up this morning, he came back up by me so I could pet him. He is like my own little bodyguard or something. Tesia also tried to come get some love from mommy this morning and saw he was in her spot. I thought there was going to be a little dual or something, but they just sniffed at each other - actually touched noses!- and then she moved to put me in between herself and Samson. I think they will be best friends by the end of this week.
The only thing his is does not really answer to his name, which makes me think that Samson is a name the shelter gave him. He answers to "baby" and "kitty" more. I like the name, and it fits him since he is so big, but is there a better name for him? What do you think, any suggestions?


Bella said...

hmm...i previously said Bagira like from jungle book but thta doesnt seem to match his sweet and protective disposition...Ill have to think about it...

Vanessa Monet said...

But Bagira was protective of Mowgli, wasn't he?

Bella said...

yeth he was..
what about Liger...cause he has to be c=some kinda of mutant cat to be so big..haha jk jk thats ludacris

funny thing jus know when you leave a comment and they make you do the word verification? mines is ..Catist