Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas spirit

Last night Nikki and I got together and baked some cookies....Christmas sugar cookies! It doesn't really quite feel like Christmas yet...besides those last couple of crazy cold days, its been warm. Also, being in the lab all hours of the day keeps you pretty isolated from the rest of the Christmas cheer in stores, on the radio, etc. I don't even have my Christmas tree set up yet. I need to do that this weekend.
So Nikki and I thought it would be fun to have a girls night and bake cookies. It was great! We had Christmas music on, and watched a portion of The Holiday while we were waiting for them to be done.
It has been YEARS since I have made sugar cutout cookies. I found a really good sour cream sugar cookie recipe online with a cream cheese frosting. Making them was a little bit of an adventure. We made a pretty large batch of dough because I wanted her to be able to take some home and I thought I would bring some into the lab. The goal: 5 dozen cookies. I don't know why I didn't think about this sooner, but my poor kitchen aid could barely handle it all at once. The 10 cups of flour should have raised a warning sign. hah! When we were addiing the dry mix, it ended up just poofing it out in little clouds of flour because the mixing bowl was so full. Oops. But, we eventually got most of the flour in (the rest was on my counter and us) and the dough made. I really am good in the kitchen....I promise! It was just an oversight. So we let the dough chill while we watched some of the movie and talked, then got to cut them out and bake! While Nikki was rolling the dough and cutting, I made the icing. We had a good rhythm going. By the time we got to icing the cookies though, it was almost midnight, and we had only baked maybe 2 - 3 dozen. I can see now why making Christmas cookies is usually a day event, because it is a pretty big ordeal! But it was still fun...and they are super yummy! I love the icing...its not super sweet or too much. I'll be making these again for sure. We started off just icing them in solid colors, but then I tried to make them more pretty....The end result:

I still have a lot of dough in my fridge....I'll have to bake the rest this weekend and send some off...maybe to some cousins before they go out to Cali at the end of next week.

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Bella said...

you'll need to bring out this recipe when you come home and we'll bake some!