Saturday, October 4, 2008

Picky Baby

That's Tesia. Tell me this is not the face of a cat that knows how to work it.

She really does not like her special non-allergen food. She always cries for me to give her some tuna or wet food....she is pretty much relentless. The other day, I got home from work and she was crying over by her food bowl. Her food was gone. So I gave her some more of her dry food. She took a sniff and kept on crying. Then she following me around everywhere crying and meowing, especially when I was in the kitchen...looking at me with those big pleading, golden eyes. Well, I wasn't going to give her any tuna or wet food. That was just that. It's like what my mom used to say to use kids, when we would tell her we were STARVING and she would give us something to eat, but it wasn't something we wanted and so we wouldn't eat it, and she would just say, "well, I guess you weren't really hungry then." It's just like that. So, I proceeded to tidy things up. She had dumped all her toys out of her basket and I put them back in and away. Well, her basket is over by the entertainment center, which my birthday flowers had been on top of. Of course, as I am cleaning them up she is right by my rubbing against me and talking, etc. Well, there were some dry old petals on the ground that were hidden by her toys. What does she do? She starts to eat the old petals that were on the ground. She ate old dead flower petals instead of her food. what the heck? That dry food must really be that bad.

But do you think I went along with her little trick and gave her the tuna anyways? You bet I didn't. People can say that cats aren't smart all they want to, but I know first hand from Tesia just how smart they are. She is the most manipulative, tactical little thing. Nice try Tesie. I'll give you wet food when I want to. mwuahahaha

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