Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It took me long enough!

Last year for Christmas, part of Ryan's present to me was a "queen for the day" package at an Aveda spa. This includes an hour long facial, spa mani and spa pedi and hour massage. And I have not used any of it! I'm pretty much nuts.
I don't have a really good reason.... but I guess I wanted to save the massage for a time when I was particularly stressed out, and the mani and pedi for sometime special (and when my nails were grown out since I am usually so stressed I pick at them and keep them short). I wouldn't want to waste such a nice treat on little stubby nubbies. However, my nails are nice and long now, so I am thinking I will do the mani and pedi before I go home with him for Thanksgiving (at least that's kinda the plan for now) so that I am nice and presentable. =P And, I just booked the facial. I just figured, heck, why not? What else do I need to wait for? I am excited....I have never had one before. I have heard they can be kinda painful, but I am still looking forward to it. It's next Friday evening. yay! I will cash in on the massage sometime soon too. =)

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Bella said...

wow. your life is so much more interesting than mine, partly cuz im a lazy butt. anyways...i love that you have posted so much ever since the wedding and thought your 'dillo post was cute!
i loved seeing you and will be sending ur bday present and your makeup (that i forgot to give back to you :/) very soon, i hope.
love you nessa and am excited to see you at christmas!