Tuesday, July 15, 2008

slow start

Well, I am finally posting pictures of the finished motif. It is supposed to be a perfect square, but it isn't really. I think my tension switched as I would learn new portions of it, etc, and I think the yarn is a bit too floppy for this pattern. It does not really "stick" well. You can still see that it is still going to be really pretty though!
I started the real deal last night. I have a different yarn...it is an acrylic blend, so it is not as heavy as pure cotton, but it has a cottony feel. It is a baby yarn...great for blankets and such and its really soft. I can already tell a difference with it. I did not have alot of time to work on it last night, so I only got the flower done. But I am going to have to get things in gear....I have to make 165 of those squares! good grief!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! The finsihed product will be exquisite!! You are so productive therefore you will glean many treasures and personal growth.

Love you, MOM